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We are back! Where did we go? And where are we heading?

After an extended hiatus, we are excited to share with all of you that the End the Cycle Project is back. Some time has passed since we updated you on our project. What happened with our Concept Trailer? Did we raise funding for it? Did we actually shoot it, edit it and is it available to be viewed? YES! YES! and YES!

We are very happy to say, with much delay, that YES we did in fact raise funding for our concept trailer back in 2016, and we spent one day shooting in Portland, Oregon with an amazing Cast & Crew.

Shooting our concept trailer was absolutely wonderful. The entire cast & crew were total pros and a joy to work with. So, where did we go and why did it take so long for us to share the amazing work of the collective with you?

After shooting the trailer, we began to plan for fundraising to shoot the short film in its entirety. As we planned, we began to receive edits of the trailer footage, and we were so excited to move forward, because well, it was really good. However, the reality began to kick in about funding & we began to discuss how much of an impact we could make with our short film. Realistically we asked ourselves, what could be done to distribute it to a large audience?

During these discussions, we began to chat about where we felt our strengths existed in that moment in time, as artists, creators, and writers. We came to the realization, that we had completely overlooked the possibility of developing End the Cycle for the theater. With such strong backgrounds in theater, we decided to take End the Cycle on a different path and began reworking our script for the stage.

We felt that the concept trailer, would play a great role in helping us to raise awareness about our project, and we could utilize both film & theater to tell our story.

When the opportunity presented itself for us to present our work in the Fertile Ground Festival in Portland, Oregon, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to work our current edit of our script. The ability to work with actors and present the one act as a staged reading to the community for feedback, would be priceless. We also really loved the idea that we could communicate directly with the community, that we were hoping to impact with our story. So it made sense to participate, and create a Q & A session after our reading, to see how we could grow or project as well as engage with our audience. We felt it was time to begin the social dialogue

on the issues End the Cycle addresses.

With that said... We hope you will JOIN US and Attend our presentations. We look forward to serving you with our ART.



818 SW 3rd Ave Suite 221-6801 PORTLAND, OREGON 97204