• Stephanie St. James-Werba

Help us meet our 1st level Funding Goals

In less than 7 days, End The Cycle Short Film begins shooting in Portland, Oregon and our entire team is so excited!

What a wonderful journey this has been, from creating the concept of this film, to sharing the idea with actress/writer Tiffani Barbour and beginning the writing process with her through to a completed script, finding our wonderful director/co-producer Scott Ballard and our co-producer Molly Preston, and auditioning and rounding out our cast.

It has been an exhilarating and liberating experience for me personally as I take this journey into producing projects under Werbucks Entertainment LLC after running our Award Winning Children's Entertainment Company since 2013.

We decided to go union SAG-AFTRA on this project. That means that we are required to pay our actors, crew, insurance, and a list of financial responsibilities in order to make this film happen.

End The Cycle is a poignant social commentary that sheds light on the dark subject matter of child abuse, the foster care system, the prison system, and even discusses the silenced issue of male impotency.

We begin our Official Crowdfunding Campaign on January 9th, 2017, but we need support with funding RIGHT NOW!

Help us at the ground floor to reach our goals. We have less than 7 days to reach our 1st level funding goals and you're contributions can get us there!

When you contribute to the making of this film you not only support our artistic efforts, but you contribute to creating dialogue that we hope will help to create a positive impact on the lives of children.

To contribute please CLICK HERE.

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