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Casting Announcement for End The Cycle Short Film

Our casting process has begun! Agent breakdowns have been released for our first round of casting in the PNW! If you are unrepresented be sure to submit yourself on Casting Frontier by September 19th, 2016!

If you do not have a casting frontier account then submit directly to info@thecycleshortfilm.com with your Headshot and Resume!

Auditions are being held on September 22nd and 24th in Portland, Oregon by appointment only!

We are blown away but not surprised by all the incredible submissions we have received so far from actors all over the Pacific Northwest.

We know we picked the right place to shoot this film End The Cycle - Short Film!

#filmoregon #oregonfilm #thecyleshortfilm www.thecycleshortfilm.comPlease be sure to share!

Werbucks Entertainment is executive producing a short film "End The Cycle" being directed by Award Winning PNW director Scott Ballard (please do not email or message Scott to inquire about roles) known for his films "Death on a Rock" and "A Standing Still".

Auditions are happening in September in Portland, Oregon. We are in the process of filing for our appropriate SAG Paperwork so if you are Union PLEASE submit and of course we are open to Non-Union Actors as well.

Please submit a headshot, resume, and demo reel link to view with all pertinent contact information be it your direct contact or agent contact.

All Roles are Paid under the appropriate SAG Agreement for our project.

END THE CYCLE follows the story of Denise, a complex, struggling mother of three who takes the law into her own hands, when she discovers the horrifying truths about her children. While awaiting her fate, an unlikely and hesitant ally emerges in Andrea, a corrections officer suffering loses of her own. As they try to manipulate a broken system, lies intertwine with hope, tragedy brings promise and no one’s life will be the same.

Character Breakdown

Andrea- African-American female, late 30’s. Correctional Officer, Takes shit from no one yet under the surface has a heart. Tired of her day-to-day life within the prison system.

Denise- African-American female, mid-30’s. Uneducated mother of three, murderer of two. Rough around the edges, would do anything for her kids. Honest to a fault, a deeply complicated woman.

Judge Powell-Caucasian female, late 40’s-early 50’s. Has seen it all, very matter of fact. Just wants to get the job done.

CPS Agent- Caucasian female, early 30’s. Deeply affected by her cases, wants the best for everyone. Coming to terms with the fact that she plays a small role in a large problem.

Kim- Indian-American or Latina female, mid-30’s. Andrea’s best friend married to Eric. Supportive, understanding and quick-witted. Tries to make light of it all.

David- African-American male, late 30’s-early 40’s. Andrea’s husband. Strong, Intelligent, committed to his ideals and choices. Knows what he wants and is not willing to waiver.

Eric- Any Ethnicity male, late 30’s-early 40’s. Kim’s Husband, David’s best friend. Heart of gold, hates taking sides. Wants everyone to get along.

Prosecutors- Any Ethnicity one male, one female both in their 50’s. Burnt out. Just trying to get through the day, jaded by the system.

Defense Attorney- African-American male, 50’s. Empathetic and broken. Believed he could make a difference only to realize the system won’t allow him to be the hero he wanted to be.

Young Andre- African-American male, 10 years old. Denise’s son, victim of the system. (No lines)

Adult Andre- African-American male, 22 years old. Denise’s son, victim of the system. (No lines)

Female Clerk- African-American, late 50’s. Has dredlocks, numb to it all. (No lines)

Defense Attorney #2- Caucasian female, late 40’s. (No lines)

Courtroom- Any ethnicity, 20’s-50’s. 5-10 people.(No Lines)

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