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December 2019 UPDATE: We have begun a new fundraiser for our project! Filming for our concept trailer was completed. Thank you to everyone who helped us make it happen! To help us raise funds for our next phase of the End the Cycle project CLICK HERE.

















End The Cycle is a short film that is a poignant social commentary which addresses the issues of abuse and the failure of our system on the children of our communities.

The film is slated to begin shooting November 6th 2016 in Portland, Oregon to create our concept trailer for crowd funding efforts.


Two women of color are creating diversity in film with End The Cycle, which so many of us have been hoping to see, as well as shedding light on very dark subject matter.


We need assistance for several reasons:


  1. To begin filming and creating our concept trailer, behind the scenes footage, cast photos and content for the film which will be used during our crowd funding campaign.

  2. To complete our film

  3. To brand our film

  4. To distribute the short to film festivals

  5. To submit for digital distribution

  6. To hire our publicist/marketing team

This is where your consideration of investing or donating to our project becomes the key. With your funding we can reach our goals by our deadlines and this important film can be shared with the world.


Crowdfunding is important but, with private donors or investors we can guarantee that our film will get made.


It’s entirely your decision to be a donor, investor, or help us publicize our funding efforts so that this important story can be told.


Whatever your choice, we are grateful for your support. 

"End The Cycle" is the first in a series of projects being developed by Werbucks Entertainment LLC.


To learn more about how to contribute to  

"End The Cycle" please click HERE.

View the Completed Concept Trailer:


818 SW 3rd Ave Suite 221-6801 PORTLAND, OREGON 97204